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To make it easier for you, we have already put together a few multi-day trips for you. Because Eilandhopper sails between the islands, it is sometimes necessary to sail to or from an island with the “regular” ferry service. Doeksen maintains the ferry service between Harlingen and Vlieland and Terschelling. And Wagenborg does that for Ameland and Schiermonnikoog. You can arrange these crossings yourself. However, we have taken into account as much as possible the same mainland port on the outward and return journey.

On board the Stevenaak Minerva you sleep in comfortable 2 and 4 person cabins, bed linen is provided, but please bring your own towel. And of course your toothbrush and stuff.

The clipper Willem Jacob has one large hold in which bunk beds are built. So you can sleep comfortably together in 1 large room.

On some multi-day trips it is not possible and logical to bring a bicycle. There is a lot of sailing then and then a bicycle is just clumsy. By the way, you can easily rent a bicycle on the islands.

Food on board

A breakfast is always included. And if mealtime falls during a trip, lunch and/or dinner is also included. Sometimes you stay on the island for a day. Then we expect you to explore the island and visit the nice restaurants for lunch and dinner.

This trip is especially for people who want to know more about landscape photography, especially on the Wad. Harmen Piekema shows you and shows you how to take the most beautiful pictures of the Wad. For this workshop, your own SLR camera or system camera is required.

Program Friday 24 March 2023:

We look forward to welcoming you in Lauwersoog on Saturday at 8 p.m. After an introduction by the crew and Harmen, we hoist the sails for a night sailing trip across the Wad. We drop anchor around 11:00 PM. Harmen talks about the do’s and don’ts of landscape photography. The sun has already set but maybe we can get some nice shots of the stars. Of course you can also enjoy a drink in the hold. Or sleep well in the sleeping area of ​​the hold.

Programma 25 maart 2023:
The sun rises at 6:32 am. Meanwhile, the tide continues and at about 06:00 we can disembark to take the necessary pictures. In the meantime, our culinary artist prepares a delicious breakfast with warm sandwiches and a boiled egg. You can then dive into bed or relax on deck. As soon as there is enough water under the keel, we sail a bit over our beautiful Wad. Perhaps we will see the seals or spot nesting Kentish Plovers. There is much to see and photograph while sailing. We have lunch on the way. Our chef prepares the most delicious dishes. The light on the Wad is always very special. The sea water reflects the light and because of the movement it is always different. Just when dark clouds appear on the horizon, the sun’s rays are reflected beautifully. It is actually always beautiful on the Wad. At 17:00 another nice dry spot is sought. And while waiting, we can enjoy a delicious dinner, freshly prepared by the chef. An hour later the water has receded so far that you can walk on the bottom of the sea again and all equipment is ready for the sunset at 7 pm. After about an hour everyone should be back on board; the tide always comes in quickly. And while we wait for the tide, all photos can be viewed and discussed. Finally we arrive back in Lauwersoog at about 10.30 pm. An hour later the water has receded so far that you can walk on the bottom of the sea again and all equipment is ready for the sunset at 7 pm. After about an hour everyone should be back on board; the tide always comes in quickly. And while we wait for the tide, all photos can be viewed and discussed. Finally we arrive back in Lauwersoog at about 10.30 pm. An hour later the water has receded so far that you can walk on the bottom of the sea again and all equipment is ready for the sunset at 7 pm. After about an hour everyone should be back on board; the tide always comes in quickly. And while we wait for the tide, all photos can be viewed and discussed. Finally we arrive back in Lauwersoog at about 10.30 pm.

Harmen Piekema will be available during the entire trip for instructions and questions. Since there will be a lot of photography and probably little sleep, it is recommended to bring muesli bars or something similar for some extra energy. In addition, extra (warm) clothing, such as socks, trousers and boots are not a superfluous luxury.

Costs EUR 516.00 pp

This includes:
Advice from Harmen Piekema
Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Bed linen


A wonderful long weekend on the road with the Minerva, sailing to Vlieland and Terschelling, with plenty of time to explore the islands.

On Thursday, May 4, 2023, the Minerva will depart at 10:00 am from ‘t Dokje in Harlingen on its way to Vlieland, where it will arrive at approximately 3:30 pm. Lunch is served en route, with freshly prepared dishes, prepared by the ship’s cook. You can rent bicycles from the harbor on Vlieland to explore the island. The beach is nearby and in the village there are many restaurants where you can dine and nice pubs to relax. Of course you sleep in a cabin on board. Bed linen is provided and the beds are made.

The next day there is a drying trip on the program. A special experience to walk on the bottom of the sea. You can search for shells and clams and who knows, you might find a pearl in the oysters. Lunch and dinner are included. The expected arrival on Terschelling is 8.30 pm.

You can explore Terschelling all Saturday. The Minerva is located in the harbor of West, near the center. You can go to the Hoge Duin or rent a bike and go to the Molen van Formerum to get a delicious ice cream. There is much to see and do on Terschelling. The island is much longer than it is wide with fantastic wide beaches. There are 6 villages with nice restaurants where you can eat well. We therefore do not expect you on board for lunch and dinner. While the onboard guests explore the island, the Minerva makes a round trip for the island guests, but at 8.30 pm she is back in the harbor.

Sunday 7 May, on this last day there will be sailing again. At 10 a.m. the mooring lines are cast loose and the course to Harlingen is set. Enjoy the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. Lunch will of course be consumed on board and the Minerva will arrive in Harlingen at approximately 4:00 PM.

Costs: € 415 pp children € 295 hp

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A wonderful week away during the May holiday? Then join the Willem Jacob, sailing to the various Wadden Islands from Harlingen to Lauwersoog.

Sunday, April 30, 5 p.m. the sails will be hoisted from Harlingen. On to Terschelling where the tour ends in the night at about 22:00. Dinner is served while sailing, on deck if you prefer or simply in the hold. The next morning we have breakfast on time because the next trip to Vlieland is at 9.30 am. It is a small crossing and just before we arrive, lunch is served. You can view Vlieland all afternoon. Bicycles can be rented at the marina, but you can also walk straight onto the beach. The return trip to Terschelling is scheduled at 6:30 PM. For the road, the cook has again cooked deliciously so that we arrive on Terschelling tired but satisfied at 21:00. The whole next day you can explore Terschelling. The Willem Jacob makes round trips for island visitors and is moored at 22.00. 00 o’clock back in the harbor. There are many restaurants on the island where you can enjoy a delicious meal. We don’t expect you on board for that. The next morning at 9.30 am the mooring lines are cast loose for a nice drying trip on the way to Ameland. The tide forces us to take a break in between. The eastern part of the Wadden Sea is very shallow. You can now see up close what lives and moves in and under the sand of the seabed.

Lunch and dinner will be taken on board as the expected arrival is only at 21:00. The whole next day, Thursday 4 May, you can visit Ameland. Also on Ameland, the Willem Jacob makes boat trips for the guests of the island. But at 8 p.m. we will of course take a moment to remember all the victims of war worldwide.

Make sure you are on board at 9 p.m. because then the Willem Jacob departs for a nice dry fall overnight trip to Schiermonnikoog. It is a beautiful experience to stay at sea at night. With a bit of luck the weather is clear and then you can see the full moon rise beautifully. And when you lie in bed, you will be lulled to sleep by the waves.. At 5.10 am it is low tide and 50 minutes later the sun rises. It’s early but they are beautiful photo moments. At approximately 07:00 we are afloat again and the journey is resumed to arrive at Schiermonnikoog at approximately 11:00. Then you can admire this charming little island. You can have lunch in one of the nice restaurants on the island. At 16:00 the Willem Jacob departs for the last crossing to Lauwersoog.

Costs: € 655 pp
€ 477 hp up to and including 12 years
€ 120 per bicycle (limited)

Included: bed linen and breakfast, lunches and dinners mentioned

Not included: bicycle rental, lunch and dinner on 2 and 4 May and lunch on May 5.

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From Saturday 15 July 2023, the Willem Jacob will sail a timetable along the various Wadden Islands for 6 weeks. The Minerva will do so from July 29 to August 25. The Willem Jacob departs from Lauwersoog and the Minerva from Harlingen. You can go for a whole week. Every week is different because we sail on the tide. One week there is sailing to Texel, another not. One week the ship stays on Terschelling for a day, the other week on Ameland. Sometimes there is a dry run on a crossing, but not always. What is certain is that you will have a great week: you will gain a lot of sailing experience, you will be closer to nature, you will meet other guests and get to know them quickly, you will enjoy a delicious meal on board and you will discover what is alive and moving in the sand of the Wadden Sea. In short, It’s an adventure for everybody.

Costs week trip Willem Jacob € 665 pp
children up to 12 years € 477

Costs week trip Minerva € 750 pp
children up to 12 years € 540 hp
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There are many possibilities to sail along AND visit a Wadden Island. This is one of those options:

With Wagenborg you can book a crossing to Schiermonnikoog on Thursday 27 July 2023. You can also do this with your own bicycle, or you can rent one on the island. You choose a time that suits you, but you can sail from Lauwersoog to Schiermonnikoog from 06:30. Enjoy this small but oh-so charming island; the beach, the cozy village of Oosterburen, the bird hide at the Westerplas, and much more. After dinner in a nice restaurant on the island, you cycle or take the bus back to the ferry dam. The Willem Jacob will be waiting for you there at approximately 9.30 pm. She comes sailing from Ameland and the exact time cannot be predicted. With the Marine Traffic app you can follow the ship or call the skipper. You will be warmly welcomed by the crew with coffee and tea and you can store your belongings at your assigned bed.

The sun has set and with clear weather you can see a lot of stars since the moon is in the 1st quarter and gives little light. Slowly the water recedes further and further to rise again around midnight. If it gets too cold outside, you can have a drink in our cozy and warm hold, cozy with the crew and other guests. Once in bed you will be rocked to sleep by the waves. The next morning, after a delicious breakfast, the Willem Jacob will pass the ferry dam to greet any new guests who will also join the Lunch Cruise. At 11 a.m. we embark and then enjoy a wonderful sail, past the seals that are resting on the plates. An extensive lunch is served along the way, which you can enjoy on deck. At 14.00 hours, the tour guests are put back on Schiermonnikoog and an hour later the Willem Jacob sails to Lauwersoog where the tour ends at about 5 p.m. and with it this mini vacation.

Costs € 131.00 pp
€ 101.00 hp up to and including 12 years
€ 14.00 per bicycle
Including: bed linen, breakfast, lunch (lunchCruise)
Not included; crossing Lauwersoog-Schiermonnikoog, bicycle rental

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Another example of Eilandhopper:

On Saturday 19 August you sail with the Minerva from Harlingen to Terschelling. Departure is at 11 a.m., but you can come on board on Friday evening and spend the night in one of the 2 or 4-person cabins. The sails are hoisted for a beautiful crossing. It is not a straight route that takes you to Terschelling, so you will have to play a lot with the sails to make optimal use of the wind. You can of course enjoy lunch on board. The cook makes the most delicious things. Expected arrival on Terschelling is, depending on wind and weather, about 4.30 pm. In the evening the Minerva makes another beautiful SunSetSail at 7 pm. See the sun disappear behind the horizon in a spectacle of beautiful colors.

At 22:00 the Minerva will be back on the quay and you can enjoy the nightlife of Terschelling. Or stay on board with the other guests, chatting about the past day. Your bed is ready for you in your cabin which you may share with other guests. The next morning breakfast is at 08:00 because the Minerva will leave for Ameland at 09:30. You can then explore Terschelling. In the village there are many possibilities to rent a bicycle. Cycle to the Mill of Formerum or visit the Dead Man’s Boxes…. With the “regular” ferry service from Doeksen you return to Harlingen. Order a ticket in advance to ensure a place.

You can extend your stay by booking an overnight stay on the Willem Jacob that came from Ameland in the afternoon.

Costs: € 198.00 pp
€ 154.00 hp up to and including 12 years
€ 21.00 per bicycle

Included: Harlingen-Terschelling crossing with lunch
SunSetSail with dinner
Overnight stay with bed linen and breakfast

Not included: return trip Terschelling-Harlingen
bicycle rental

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