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Multi-day trips

The new timetable will be ready at the beginning of December.

Sail with us for a week and discover the Wadden Islands! To make it easier for you, we have already put together several multi-day trips for you. There is time to view the islands and on most weekly trips we also have a dry spell.

The Willem Jacob departs from Enkhuizen to Terschelling on Monday April 29. Sailing across the IJsselmeer, past the windmills, the fish migration river and then through the locks at Kornwerderzand out to sea. Along the way we will dry out and spend the night on the Wadden Sea. The Willem Jacob arrives on Terschelling around noon. The next day we sail again to Ameland and on Thursday afternoon we spend the night at sea again AND dry out. We arrive at Schiermonnikoog on Friday morning and in the afternoon we moor at Lauwersoog at 4 p.m. where the tour ends.

This Midweek costs €530 per person, children up to and including 12 years €390.,2,4,6/1/2024-04-29/0/0/378/eh?_k=4ok8nv

Another example from Eilandhopper:

06-05-2024 Departure from Harlingen with the “normal” ferry service Doeksen to Vlieland
06-05-2024 6:30 PM on board Willem Jacob sailing to Terschelling 9:00 PM
Overnight stay on board
07-05-2024 4:00 PM departure Terschelling for a drying/overnight trip to Texel, de Cocksdorp 11:00 AM
08-05-2024 8:00 PM departure Texel for a drying/overnight trip to Harlingen
09-05-2024 expected arrival time 5:00 PM

Description :
The “normal” ferry service from Doeksen will take you to Vlieland on Monday, May 6. Order a ticket in advance to be sure of a place. The Willem Jacob leaves for Terschelling at 6:30 PM and arrives there at 9:00 PM. You can enjoy a delicious dinner on board. In the evening you can visit the lively nightlife on Terschelling or stay on board with a drink. You spend the night on board in our cozy, large hold, together with a maximum of 15 others. The next day after breakfast you can explore the island. The sails are not hoisted until 4 p.m. for a beautiful crossing to Texel. We sail until we can no longer go and fall dry. Now you can experience the darkness of the Wadden Sea. With clear weather you will see many more stars than you thought possible. On Wednesday, May 8, we arrive at the tidal harbor De Cocksdorp on Texel at 11 a.m. Then you can have a nice look around there. Until 8 p.m., because then it is high tide again and the ship leaves for another overnight/drying trip, this time back to Harlingen. We will arrive there on Thursday, May 9 at approximately 5 p.m. Of course you can have lunch on board. The cook makes the most delicious things.

Costs: € 380 pp
€ 310 hp up to 12 years
€ 60 per bicycle

Included: Crossing Vlieland-Terschelling with dinner, overnight stay and breakfast
Crossing Terschelling – Texel with dinner, overnight stay and breakfast

Crossing Texel – Harlingen with overnight stay, breakfast, lunch and final dinner.

Not included: crossing Doeksen Harlingen-Vlieland,
possibly bicycle rental

A beautiful trip across the IJsselmeer, through locks, drying out, overnight stays on the Wadden Sea or in cozy harbours, delicious food and lots of sailing across the beautiful Wadden Sea. Every day is different. The departure is from Enkhuizen on Monday, May 29. From there all Dutch Wadden Islands are visited. You can go to the beach on the islands or rent a bicycle and explore the island that way. Taste the cranberry jam, a Nobeltje or go for the Texel sheep’s cheese; the tasty products of the islands. Ultimately we end up in Harlingen.

departure April 29, 2024 Enkhuizen 10 a.m., sailing past the windmills and fish migration river, through the locks and spending the night in the middle of the sea.
arrival 30-04-2024 Terschelling 1:00 PM, after lunch you can explore the island and have dinner in a cozy restaurant. The Willem Jacob makes a SunSetSail for the islanders and is back at the quay at 10 p.m.
Overnight stay on Terschelling
departure 01-05-2024 Terschelling 12.00 noon, wonderful sailing on the Wadden Sea.
arrival 01-05-2024 Ameland 7 p.m., on Nes you can have a nightcap in one of the cozy pubs.
overnight stay Ameland
Before departure 02-05-2024 Ameland 3 p.m., you can explore Ameland while the Willem Jacob makes another afternoon trip for the islanders. The night is spent at sea and we dry out. Time to count all the stars…Friday,
arrival 03-05-2024 Schiermonnikoog 10.00 am, there is not much time to explore this small Wadden Island, fortunately it is not that big.
departure 03-05-2024 Schiermonnikoog 2:00 PM
arrival 03-05-2024 Lauwersoog 4:00 PM, we will only stay here for a short while to drop off and pick up guests.
departure 03-05-2024 Lauwersoog 5 p.m., overnight stay again at sea with a drying out moment.
arrival 04-05-2024 Ameland 10:00 am, this time all day to explore this island. Visit the beautiful Oerd area or take a tour of the Amelander Brewery. You can also go sand sailing or take a kiting lesson on the beach.
overnight stay Ameland
Sunday, departure 05-05-2024 Ameland 11
arrival 05-05-2024 Terschelling 9 p.m. Vlieland 6:30 PM arrival 06-05-2024 Terschelling 9:00 PM overnight stay Terschelling Tuesday departure 07-05-2024 Terschelling 4:00 PM arrival 08-05-2024 Texel de Cocksdorp 11:00 AM Wednesday, departure 08-05-2024 Texel 8:00 PM Thursday, arrival 09 -05-2024 Harlingen 5 p.m.

Costs € 1,200 pp € 800 hp up to 12 years € 150 per bicycle

Included: all mentioned crossings, overnight stays on board with breakfast, 6 x lunch, 7 x dinner

Not included ; possible bicycle rental

From Saturday, July 13, 2024, the Willem Jacob will sail a schedule for 6 weeks along the various Wadden Islands. The Minerva does this from July 27 to August 23. The Willem Jacob departs from Lauwersoog and the Minerva from Harlingen. You can come along for a whole week.

Every week is different because we sail on the tide. One week we sail to Texel, the next not. One week the ship stays on Terschelling for a day, the next week on Ameland. Sometimes there is a dry spell during a crossing, but not always. What is certain is that you will have a great week: you gain a lot of experience sailing, you are closer to nature, you meet other guests and get to know them quickly, you eat delicious food on board and discover what is living and moving in the sand of the Wadden. In short, it is an adventure for young and old.

Costs week trip Willem Jacob € 688,- pp
children up to 12 years € 500,-

Look here fore more info

Costs week trip Minerva € 788,- pp
children up to 12 years € 567,- pk

Look here fore more info

Sail with this beautiful Stevenaak, the most beautiful in the charter fleet! The Stevenaak MinervaMinerva sails from July 27 to August 17, every Saturday from Harlingen. Almost every week we first go to Texel, Oudeschild. A beautiful long sailing trip across the widest part of the Wadden Sea. With the sun on your face, wind in your hair and salt on your lips you can taste the Wadden Sea. Once you arrive on the island, you can rent a bicycle and explore the island. Of course, you sleep on board in one of the 2- or 4-person cabins. Breakfast and bed linen are included with an overnight stay on board. The next day the Minerva sails to Vlieland. That is also a wonderful, long sailing trip and so the ship arrives late in the port of Vlieland. But after an overnight stay on board, you will be completely refreshed the next day to explore Vlieland. This charming island has a lot to offer. Take into account the last ferry from Doeksen back to Harlingen and buy a ticket in advance.

Costs are € 300 pp, children up to 12 years € 245.

Including: catering along the way, coffee, tea, bed linen and breakfast.
Excluding: return ticket Doeksen Vlieland – Harlingen and possibly bicycle rental.

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