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Eilandhopper crossings connect the Dutch Wadden Islands with each other. We do this with traditional sailing ships. A crossing and experience in 1!

Tip: Most people hop from Texel to Schiermonnikoog. These routes are therefore fully booked earlier. There is often still room when you travel from Schiermonnikoog to Texel.

Crossings between the islands of

Texel-Vlieland Tip: We don’t do this crossing very often. The Wadden ferry sails this route much more often.
Vlieland-Terschelling and Terschelling-Vlieland
Terschelling-Ameland and Ameland-Terschelling
Ameland-Schiermonnikoog and Schiermonnikoog-Ameland

Crossings between the mainland and the islands

From Harlingen
From Lauwersoog

Multiple crossings
Would you like to make multiple crossings with us? Enter your departure and arrival port in our search & book module, and you will see all the options in the system. It is also possible to book a week trip with us, where you see 4 islands in one week. For more information, visit:

What does a crossing look like?

From half an hour before departure you can board our ships, the Minerva or the Willem Jacob. We do not have a permanent mooring in the port, but you can recognize our ships by the large Eilandhopper flag. You can put your luggage on board, if you have a bicycle we will find a place for it on deck. Afterwards there is a free cup of coffee, tea, water or lemonade. In the meantime you will also meet your fellow travelers. Some people have been on board for a few days, and others are just coming on board, just like you. When everyone is on board, the skipper gives a welcome speech, he tells about the ship, the route, the wind and the tide. The chef on board provides information about what you can eat and drink. (You can also bring your own sandwich). The mate (ship’s term for sailor) tells you more about sailing and safety on board.

Set loose
After everyone has been made wise, the lines are released. We will set sail as soon as possible. Anyone who likes it can help with the sailing, but you can also relax on deck on one of the benches. You can play a game in the ship’s hold or help the cook.

On the way
The view is beautiful! Clouds, the islands, the Frisian coast, birds and often a seal. Sometimes it is a calm trip and we sail quietly with the wind. Other days we have a tough trip and have to cross against the wind. Every day an adventure!

Drying up?
If you have booked a trip with drying out, you will experience an extra adventure! We anchor the ship to the seabed. The water recedes in a few hours, and you can walk on the seabed. Would you like to experience this? Find your dryfall tour at

There is a cook on board who will provide the meals. When you book, this is checked by default. If you bring your own lunch, that is also fine, in which case you uncheck the meal when ordering.

Spending the night on board
Some crossings involve spending the night on the Wadden Sea. Do you count the stars? We don’t sail all night long, but we lie at anchor for a while or we fall dry. There is a bunk available for each person on board with a duvet and pillow. You can often also spend the night on board before or after your crossing. An overnight stay can only be booked in combination with a crossing.

When we arrive at the next port depends on the wind strength and direction. The time indicated is an indication, but sometimes this can deviate by several hours. Ask the skipper on board when he expects to arrive. In the harbor we find a spot assigned by the harbor master. Sometimes we will be alongside other ships. Everyone helps to get the luggage and bicycles off board. Or will you stay on board and continue sailing with us?

Binnenkort van Eilandhopper: Overnight-time drying trip

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