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On Monday, October 16,  a wonderful sailing from Enkhuizen, to the Afsluitdijk and Waddencentrum, across the Wadden Sea to De Cockdorp on Texel and on to Vlieland to end in Harlingen; what a nice autumn holiday!

from Enkhuizen
There will be a welcome on board on Monday, October 16, 2023 at 10 a.m. with coffee, tea and Groningen cake. The skipper introduces the crew and reports what is going on on board.

The guests are welcomed by the crew with coffee and tea. After an explanation, the sails are hoisted for the trip across the IJsselmeer, past the windmills and the fish migration river. The Wadden Center is visited and then we go through the lock into the Wadden Sea. Here they look for a nice place to dry out and spend the night.
Quite an experience to be at sea in the dark. With a cloudless sky you can see the countless stars much better than on land.


As soon as the tide comes in, we set course for the tidal harbor of Cockdorp on Texel, which can only be reached at high tide. This arose because the dike was built at Eierland, an island between Texel and Vlieland, and in this way it was added to Texel; the Eierlandse Polder. Many, sometimes rare, birds come to rest here before they move south or spend the winter. The Texel lighthouse is also nearby, which can be visited by the public.

With the next high tide we continue to Vlieland, along and over the Eierlandse Gronden where the seals and birds rest. Vlieland is the smallest Dutch inhabited island of the Wadden Sea and a real holiday island. Beautiful beaches and one cozy village. There used to be West Vlieland, but it was swallowed up by the sea.

On Friday, October 20, we sail to Harlingen, passing Richel and Griend, the sand deposits between Terschelling and Vlieland. Griend was also once inhabited, but the gives and takes.

The journey ultimately ends in Harlingen on Friday, October 20 at 5 p.m.
COSTS ARE €680 pp including care and bed linen


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During the entire journey there is a ship’s cook on board who will take care of you. Breakfast, lunch and a 3-course dinner every day. Furthermore, the necessary refreshments in between. We cook fresh and use many local and organic products. If you indicate this in the comments when booking, we can take your diet into account. Coffee/tea and water are included. Beer/wine and soft drinks are available on board.

For people who have never been on the Eilandhopper.

It is no problem if you have never sailed before, we bring an experienced crew. We will also be sailing at night, and safety is very important to us, so follow the crew’s instructions.

Wadden Sea World Heritage Guide

Because this is a real nature trip, a World Heritage Guide from the Wadden Association will also accompany you. The guide explains what you can see, smell and feel during our trip across the Wadden Sea.

What you need to bring

Zonsondergang Willem Jacob

Towel, toiletries, warm clothes, good rain/windbreaker, comfortable shoes, sunglasses and sunscreen!

We provide

bedding, meals along the way and an experienced guide from the Wadden Association.


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