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Our behavioral code:

  • Children younger than 12 years are under the supervision of their parents/ warden.
  • Children younger than 12 years do wear a life west on deck, in principle during the whole voyage.
  • Children younger than 3 years are regarded as one with their parent/ warden. They travel for free. Unfortunately we can’t provide any life west’s for those children.
  • The Skipper may ask the parent/ warden to enforce certain rules; an obligatory advice so to say.
  • Be responsible with alcohol. For the safety of others and yourself. Alcohol abuse is not tolerated.

Cancellation conditions

Cancellation is possible until two weeks before departure with a refund of 90%. After that there will be no refund unless due to storm.

Strong wind/ storm

If the KNMI (Dutch metrological institute) will release a wind warning for the district you are going to sail it is possible to cancel. That means it is possible from wind force 6 on. The information is provided on the website of the KNMI.

Eilandhopper is sailing in the districts of Marken, IJsselmeer, Harlingen and Delfzijl. So the wind warnings for these districts are predicative about you option to cancel:

  • Amsterdam – Texel = Marken, IJsselmeer, Harlingen;
  • Texel – Terschelling  = Harlingen;
  • Vlieland – Terschelling  = Harlingen;
  • Terschelling – Ameland  = Harlingen, Delfzijl;
  • Ameland – Schiermonnikoog  = Delfzijl

Wind force 6 never keeps us in the harbor. During wind force 7 you can contact the Skipper to get information if the ship is going to sail or not.
Wind force 6 is still good sailing weather and if the Skipper decides to set sail it is always safe to do so. Still we want to give you the possibility to decide if you feel comfortable with this.

So if you think it is blowing too hard to sail with us you can get (from wind force 6 on) 90% of your ticket price back. If we are not going to sail according to our schedule due to the weather conditions you have following options:

  • You travel with the regular ferry to your next port of cal. We will than refund you 100% of your Eilandhopper ticket.
  • You wait with us till the wind decreased. Most of the time this will already be during next high tide, so 12 hours later. In most of the cases this will still be the most comfortable way to travel to the next island.

If we are not able to reach your harbor of destination due to hard winds or other circumstances you can get a 100% refund.

FYI: Any tickets bought at the tourist information (VVV) are subject to the cancellation conditions of the tourist information and there might be transaction or reservation costs subtracted from your refund. Tickets directly booked from Eilandhopper we will refund in this case completely*. The chance of us not being there for a crossing is pretty small as we usually plan to have two high tides between the crossings to give us the chance to get back on schedule in case of delay.

*If the payments were done with a credit card we will have to keep the transaction costs because of the high costs. Sorry for the discomfort but you credit card provider does insure you for these costs.

In case of any extraordinary events not mentioned above the  terms and conditions according to the BBZ (belangenvereniging beroepszeilvaart – interest group of professional sailing) are applicable, if above is not clearly mentioning it otherwise.


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