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An overnight stay on Schiermonnikoog is different from the other Wadden Islands. The port of Schiermonnikoog has a threshold that charter ships can only cross at high tide. Because the sailing ferry service also wants to leave on time, the Eilandhopper ships are allowed to use the Veerdam. However, we must not stay there.

So we do bring and collect our guests via the ferry dam, but then look for a quiet spot to spend the night at anchor at sea. And that is a very nice experience. The night is darker at sea than on land with the chance of seeing many more stars.

The next day we pick up new guests, who we take for a cruise or bring them to Ameland or Lauwersoog.

Inquire with the skipper on site for pick-up and drop-off times.

Binnenkort van Eilandhopper: Overnight-time drying trip

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