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New rules from 25-09-2021

We are dealing with ever-changing rules on board the Willem Jacob. This time fortunately something broadening; the 1,5 meters away is no longer necessary. Above deck we could and can enjoy sailing (sports) and now we can sit together below deck, eat and drink.

However, something else will take its place, namely the corona access pass and proof of identity.

From September 25, we therefore ask all guests aged 13 and older to have:

The corona access pass is a QR code that can be displayed on a smartphone or paper and both can be read in a scanner app. On the website: CoronaCheck there is information about how the evidence in the app can be converted into a QR code.

We are happy with the expansion and hope that it will be permanent and that the access pass will also disappear in the long term. But whatever happens, the Eilandhopper’s team will do everything they can to ensure you have a fantastic time on board.